Journée de la Femme Digitale

Les Margaret rewards the creativity,

innovation and courage of women in digital.

With #lesMargaret awards we bring to the front of the stage inspiring women as well as their promising projects. The award highlights digital women who have the capacity to change the world thanks to digital. Like Margaret Hamilton, the winners are committed, inspiring women who participate in creating a more just world.

Launched in 2014 by the JFD and supported by Margaret Hamilton, the computer scientist from NASA who sent the Man on the Moon, the Margaret Award highlights women leaders with projects that respond to major challenges our societies face today: sustainable development , demographic explosion, information processing, transformation of education systems, health, mobility, …

Le jury

“Never let fear get in your way! Do not be afraid to continue even when so-called “experts” say it’s impossible. Do not be afraid to be alone, to be different, to deceive yourself, to do and recognize your mistakes, because only those who dare to fail greatly can accomplish great things.”

Margaret Hamilton

Les Margaret award highlights digital women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who respond to the major challenges of our society.

The nominees of the category European entrepreneur

The nominees of the category European intrapreneur

The nominees of the category African entrepreneur

Nommées catégorie Afrique intrapreneur de l’année 2020

The nominees of the category African intrapreneur

Lauréates les Margaret 2013-2018

Success Stories